Dear customers. Thank you for everything.

We would like to deliver our products to customers who live outside of Japan, but there are currently restrictions on the areas we can deliver to due to COVID19.

Before placing an order, please check if your country is able to receive mail from overseas.

The following are the countries we are currently aware of where can receive mail from overseas.

International mail service availability chart

(Delays will be experienced in the delivery of mail items.)

(Unfortunately we can't ship to the USA due to COVID.)

​(We're using EMS)


Iceland / Italy / Spain / Great Britain / Isle of man / Denmark / Germany / Norway / Austria / new Zealand / Finland / Poland /

France / Belgium / Netherlands 

/ Sweden / Spain / Portugal / Thailand / Indonesia / Singapore / China / Korea / Taiwan / Hong Kong / Vietnam / Malaysia / South Africa / Mexico 

​Just in case!!!

The countries available for delivery is constantly changing.

Please check the official website of Japan Post.

​You can also use "Tenso,com"

If you are worried if you can receive your mail from Japan safety,

you can use Tenso,com